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FEB 06, 2014 1:01 AM

Morrie Turner – The Pre-Interview


Morrie Turner cartoonistWriter Robert Miller sent this pre-interview questionnaire to Mr. Turner prior to the interview. The questionnaire is interesting on its own therefore I’ve decided to publish it as well as the full interview. Morrie Turner was a legend in the field of cartooning and a great humanitarian who gave his personal time to inspire kids and young adults to aspire to their highest creative selves.

I’d like to introduce you to “The 20 Questions Interview Sheet”. This list is essentially geared for creative artists and writers. It is by no means controversial or intrusive (I hope). The goal of the list is to spark an internal search for relevant answers and shed some insight into the personality and creative process of the interviewee. Please take some time to think through the answers and respond as candidly as you feel comfortable. Thanks again,

Dennis Morales Francis
DiD Publishing


What influences got you motivated to seriously pursue your profession?
Comic pages in the newspaper. One of my favorites was Smokey Stover. Terry and the Pirates really fascinated me as well. You know the comic pages on Sunday used to be pages and pages and pages. You could lay on the ground and have a ball.

Who were the people who influenced your desire to be creative?
Milt Caniff, who responded to my fan letter with a 6-page, typewritten response, with steps to becoming a cartoonist. There was a book that I can’t remember the title, but it always had a twist at the end, kind of like a comic book. I wish I could remember the author’s name.

When did you know that you were really supposed to be doing what you do now?
Very early. I can’t say exactly when, but I was in elementary school, when I discovered there WAS such a thing as a cartoonist.

How did you

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Interview With Cartoonist Morrie Turner Part Three

R.M.: Speaking of change, this must be amazing to you (indicating the convention floor). It must be so different from when you were coming up.

M.T.: Yes, it’s totally different. You were in your own world (back then)… totally alone. And that’s the first thing when the cartoonist started meeting…

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